I mí Eanáir 2014, ghlac Uisce Éireann freagracht ar sheirbhísí uisce poiblí na tíre seo. Thosaigh d’údarás áitiúil ag eisiú billí do sheirbhísí uisce do do ghnólacht ar ár son, ag déanamh bainistíochta ar gach ceist maidir le do chuntas gnó. Thosaigh Uisce Éireann ag déanamh bainistíochta dírí ar na cuntais ghnó, billí do sheirbhísí uisce san áireamh ar bhonn céimnithe.

Tá dhá chineál billí ann:

Bille méadraithe

Má tá méadar ag d’áitreabh, gheobhaidh tú billí meadaraithe. Tá eolas ag ár Leathanach Tuig do Bhille maidir le billí méadraithe. Tabhair cuairt ar ár Leathanach Tháillí Gnó le heolas a fháil ar tháillí uisce méadraithe.

Unmetered bill

If your premises doesn’t have a meter you receive unmetered bills. Our Understand your bill page contains information about unmetered bills. Visit our Business charges page for information on unmetered water charges. We bill all customers based on previous usage.

Paying your bill

Payments must be made directly to Irish Water (not your Local Authority). You can pay your business water services bill in a number of ways.

Business and domestic use premises

Some business customers may use water services at a premises for both business and domestic purposes. This is called mixed usage. Mixed usage may include farms with a farmhouse, B&Bs, or retail units with residential accommodation located above them.

  • Business water use includes usage within offices, hairdressers, restaurants, industry and agriculture.
  • Domestic water use is the personal use of water within a household.

Additional services

For additional services, for example sludge removal, we issue separate bills under separate Irish Water account numbers. Contact us to request additional services.

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Changes to business charges

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is holding public consultations on Irish Water's proposed framework for future business charges which will harmonise charges nationwide. The consultation is open to all until 15 August 2018 and we are urging business customers and their representative groups to have your say.

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Trade Effluent

A key distinguishing feature between the provision of water and wastewater services in the non-domestic sector is that wastewater strength can vary quite significantly and can have very different treatment costs, sometimes justifying an additional charge for users discharging wastewater with strengths greater than ‘normal strength’ or domestic wastewater. Trade Effluent is typically a residual waste of trade, service, research or manufacturing activities in the form of wastewater that is discharged to the sewer. Trade Effluent typically has a different composition to domestic wastewater and may contain additional pollutants that proves difficult to treat. The management of extra matter contained in Trade Effluent such as organic wastes, soluble or insoluble chemicals or compounds, including nutrients or metals,  can lead to increased costs associated with the monitoring, treatment and disposal of the Trade Effluent or its by-products.

Under Section 16 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977 (as amended), an individual or business may not discharge a trade effluent to the sewer except in accordance with a licence issued under these regulations.

If you have any queries about Trade Effluent charges you can contact Irish Water at 1850 778 778.

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