Since 2014, your Local Authority has been issuing bills for water services to your business on our behalf and continued to manage all queries in relation to your business account.

Over the coming months, we will begin managing all aspects of your account directly, including billing for water services. This will happen on a phased basis by Local Authority area and we will notify you in advance.

Your new water services account

  • Any outstanding balance on your Local Authority water services account has been transferred to Irish Water.
  • Your business has a new 10 digit Irish Water account number.
  • Your water services charges remain the same.
  • Your billing frequency will remain the same. In some circumstances it may be possible to change your billing frequency. Please Contact us to discuss.
  • You may need to update your payment arrangements - visit our Your Business Account page to find out more.
  • If you need details changed on your account, please Contact us.

Additional services

If you use additional services, for example sludge removal, we will issue you with a separate bill for this service, under a separate Irish Water account number. Contact us to request additional services.

There are two types of bills:

Metered bill

If your premises has a meter you will receive a metered bill. Our Understand your bill page contains information about metered bills. Visit our Business charges page for information on metered water charges.

Metered bill

Unmetered bill

If your premises doesn’t have a meter you will receive an unmetered bill. Our Understand your bill page contains information about unmetered bills. Visit our Business charges page for information on unmetered water charges.

We will bill all customers based on previous usage. This may be a change from your current billing arrangement.

Unmetered bill

Paying your bill

If we are now managing your account, payment is now to be made directly to Irish Water and not your Local Authority. You can pay your business water services bill in a number of ways.

Business and domestic use premises

Some business customers may use water services at a premises for both business and domestic purposes. This is called mixed usage. Mixed usage may include farms with a farmhouse, B&Bs, or retail units with residential accommodation located above them.

  • Business water use includes usage within offices, hairdressers, restaurants, industry and agriculture.
  • Domestic water use is the personal use of water within a household.


Business water charges apply to the water you use for business purposes over and above the standard domestic allowance previously set by your Local Authority. Visit our Business water charges page for more information.

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