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Water butts

Learn how to conserve water in the garden and help protect your water supply and the environment.

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater. Water butts are a popular and inexpensive method of rainwater harvesting where rain from your rooftop is redirected through the downpipes and collected in a storage container.

Water butts are plastic containers that store rainwater by collecting it from the rooftop and can easily be attached to your rainwater drainage system. The rain is redirected through the downpipes and stored in a water butt until needed. They come in various styles and sizes and can be found in garden centres, builders providers and similar hardware and DIY stores.


Installing a water butt

Place the water butt beside the downpipe of your roof gutter. Fit the downpipe diverter (which accompanied your water butt) to your downpipe to redirect the rainwater into your water butt. Some diverters also contain filters to prevent leaves and other organic matter from getting into your water butt.Use the water by opening the tap and filling a container. You now have an independent water supply, perfect for watering your plants and lawn, filling up your pond, washing your windows and your car whilst also conserving water. This can be especially useful during summer months when water can be scarce and hosepipe bans and water restrictions are in place.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting

Prevent flooding

Collecting rainwater can help reduce the risk of flooding

Reduce demand

Demand on your water supply is reduced

Improved water supply

Less water goes down the drain which reduces pressure on the network

Simple and economical

Water butts are a relatively simple option in reducing water usage

Environmental protection

Using a natural resource like rainwater helps conserve treated water and protect the environment

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