Conserve water at home

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Water Conservation Calculator

Discover how good your household is at saving water. Simply answer a few questions about your water usage habits and our calculator will do the work for you.

Cartoon graphic of a construction worker on land with burst pipes below the ground

Check for leaks

Repairing leaks can help to prevent issues like reduced water pressure or water supply disruptions in your home. Find out how to do some simple leak checks.

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Water saving devices

There are a number of affordable and easy-to-use water saving devices that can help save water in homes.

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Water conservation

Follow our 4 simple steps to check for leaks in your home. You could save up to 20,000 litres of water a year by repairing them.

A water butt attached to a wall outside a home

Water butts

Learn how to conserve water in the garden and help protect your water supply and the environment.