From drain to sea

Wastewater is liquid waste discharged by homes, businesses, industry, agriculture, and storm water from our roads. It must undergo a complex treatment process that can take up to two days, before it is safe to release back into our water system. Follow the journey from drain to sea.

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From cloud to glass

Drinking, cooking, washing, bathing – we use water in so many ways. The water we use starts as raw water in rivers and lakes. It undergoes a complex treatment process so we can enjoy clean, safe drinking water every day. Follow the journey from cloud to glass.

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For over 150 years, Ireland’s water network has served us reasonably well, but it now faces serious challenges.

Due to factors like the rise in population, growth of new industries and a lack of investment through the years, parts of the existing water network (including pipes, treatments plants and reservoirs) are now in need of upgrading and replacement as the demand for clean, safe water is increasing.

Ireland’s water infrastructure needs a major programme of investment to address weaknesses in the ageing network like high leakage rates, varying water quality standards and disruptions to water supply. Irish Water is now engaging in this extensive process of water network improvement and upgrades to ensure Ireland has a water network that can accommodate all our needs in the near future.

Improving water conservation

When fitted at your property, your water meter will record how much water has been supplied to your home, allowing you to understand your household’s water usage and minimise your impact on the environment. Understanding and reducing water consumption will also enable Irish Water to account for water delivered more accurately and take necessary steps to reduce leakage on the network.

Improving water conservation

Working together to ensure sustainable water services into the future

By wasting less, polluting less, reusing more, managing effectively, investing wisely and becoming more efficient in all uses of water – Ireland has the potential to become one of the most water resilient countries in the world. We are at the start of a long journey, and we’ll need you to work with us to ensure we have sustainable water services into the future.

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