Irish Water, in partnership with Green-Schools, offer the free Water Ambassador Programme to schools that are registered with the An Taisce Green-Schools programme. Our aim is to raise awareness about the importance of water and the issues surrounding this valuable resource. Second-level students can apply to become water ambassadors and if successful will attend a one day workshop in November and support session in January.

Interactive workshops are held nationwide (Westmeath, Cork and Dublin) and include talks from Green-Schools and Clean Coasts Programmes, Irish Water speakers and a field trip to a water or wastewater treatment plant. Students have the opportunity to carry out water related activities and receive career advice.

Competition Details

The programme is open to all years and the application deadline is usually in October of each year. All students accepted to the programme will become Water Ambassadors. Additionally, three students will be chosen as Green-Schools Regional Ambassadors based on their work and awarded at the Green-Schools Water Awards ceremony in May.

The programme is currently closed for entries.

Dr Róisín Bradford, Technical Communications Specialist, Irish Water

"The Ambassador programme empowers young people to pass on their knowledge of water conservation, and the importance of this vital natural resource, to their fellow students and members of their local communities"

Aisling Buckley, Regional Information Specialist, Irish Water

"The Ambassador Programme presents a great opportunity to talk to secondary school students about all the processes involved in water and wastewater treatment and the different career opportunities that exist in the water sector"

Gráinne Carey, Regional Information Specialist, Irish Water

"Irish Water views the Ambassador Programme as one of the highlights of its Green -Schools Water Theme sponsorship. The ambassadors develop a water awareness campaign based on the knowledge they receive at the workshops and are encouraged to do their own research on water related issues"

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