The Green Leaf City Award is open to towns and cities in Europe. It is given to those who have shown proven records of high environmental standards and a commitment to setting long term goals for the benefit of the environment. The recipients act as ambassadors to inspire other towns and cities to promote best practices in sustainable urban development.

Galway has won the European Green Leaf Award for 2017. The 2018 European Green Leaf Award was jointly awarded to the Belgian city of Leuven and Swedish City of Växjö.

The Spanish city of Mollet del Vallès and the Portuguese city of Torres Vedras were the winners of the first European Green Leaf Awards in 2015. The scheme has a particular focus on efforts that create growth and employment within the environmental sector.  

Irish Water is working in partnership with Galway City Council to organise water themed events over the month of November to celebrate Galway City’s European Green Leaf City 2017 award.

For an overview of the events check out our recent press release or find out more about the Green Leaf Award.

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