We are working in partnership with your Local Authority to streamline and improve the application process for connecting to the water and wastewater network

Our current charges for water and wastewater service connections are the equivalent of the water and wastewater portion of the Development Levies and Connection Fees previously included by Local Authorities in their levies/fees structures up until 31 December 2013.

With the approval of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Irish Water has been applying these Interim Connection Charges in the form of:

  • Works Fees
  • Infrastructure Fees
  • Supplemental Fees (where applicable)

These fees are the equivalent of:

  • Connection Fees
  • That portion of Development Levies which the Local Authorities (LAs) were formerly entitled to charge for water and/or wastewater infrastructure
  • Supplemental development contribution schemes respectively

The previous Local Authority Connection Fee is now called a Works Fee and the previous Local Authority Development Levy (for water or wastewater connections) is now called an Infrastructure Fee.

Please contact your Local Authority for information on the current connection charges for your area.

Connection Charging Policy

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) has published its proposed decision on a national Connection Charging Policy to be implemented by Irish Water. Full details on the proposed decision are on the CRU website.

In conjunction, Irish Water has uploaded the relevant online connection ancillary documentation for review here on the Connections page.

These include:

Should you have any comments on the connection ancillary documentation, a dedicated email ancillaryfeedback@water.ie has been set up for your feedback.

Any submissions on Irish Water Connection Charging Policy proposals must be sent to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities who will make the final determination on the enduring connection charges policy to be implemented by Irish Water. 

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