Private Infrastructure

This includes the infrastructure within the boundary of the customer’s premises which will facilitate the connection to the network. The customer is responsible for providing all private infrastructures.

Service connection infrastructure

This includes the infrastructure required to connect a premises from its boundary to the public water main or sewer. In the case of a domestic development this will comprise the assets that connect the Local Infrastructure to the public main / sewer. This will be provided by Irish Water.

Local infrastructure

This includes the infrastructure within the boundary of development premises / site. It consists of the local water mains or sewers that connect developments (such as a housing estate) to trunk mains and sewers. The customer is typically responsible for the provision of Local Infrastructure; however they may request Irish Water to provide it.

Network Infrastructure

This is the public network infrastructure required to provide potable water and to collect wastewater. This generally consists of assets such a water supply trunk mains and wastewater and collection sewers and is provided by Irish Water.

Treatment Infrastructure

This is the infrastructure used in the production of potable water and the treatment of wastewater including assets such as water / wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, raw water abstraction.

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