Water supply capacity register

A water supply capacity register gives you an indication of whether there's enough water supply in an area to make property development a possibility.

The county registers on this page give an indication of the available capacity for water supply in each Local Authority area.

The capacity of the water supply changes based upon availability and demand of our existing customers.

We continue to make capacity improvements using the 3 pillars outlined in the National Water Resources Plan Framework. These are:

  • Lose Less – reduce leakage and increase network efficiency
  • Use Less – apply water conservation measures
  • Supply Smarter – use sustainable supplies

Our registers are only an indication of available capacity.

The indication of available capacity is based on estimates of future populations and is informed by national, regional and local planning policy.

These registers do not take network capacity into account. In some cases, we may need to make upgrades to the water network to support a development. For example, we may need to upgrade the existing pipe to a larger pipe so that we can deliver water to a proposed development site without causing problems for other existing customers.

We assess whether the water network can support a development during the water connections process.

In all instances if you are considering to progress a development you should contact our Connections team who will provided a greater level of detail in relation to the availability of water supply capacity.

Learn more about the pre connection enquiry and water connections process in the Connections section of this site.

Information on planned projects can be viewed at the Projects section of this website.

Please note:

If a capacity register states there is available capacity, that is not confirmation that a connection will be approved. Contact us through the pre-connection enquiry to allow us to determine if a water connection will be feasible with our without capital upgrades to our infrastructure..

The viability of a new connection is not agreed until the Connection Agreement contract has been executed.

Water Supply capacity registers