Connection Application Phase

The earlier that you engage with us about a new or modified connection, the more likely it is that we will be in a position to meet your timelines. You are strongly advised to contact Irish Water with a connection application as early as possible in the project.

Applying for a connection

You should submit your Connection Application form once you have secured planning permission.

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Assessment of new connection application

Irish Water will assess your application to confirm that it is still feasible, and we will calculate the least cost design solution for you.

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Design vetting

This applies to housing developments only or where public infrastructure is to be Taken in Charge. Irish Water can work with you to vet the design of local infrastructure.

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Getting an offer

Irish Water will issue you with an offer to connect, detailing costs and the works required to enable your connection.

Average timeline from Application to Connection Offer is 16 weeks.

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Accepting the offer

You can enter into a connection agreement with Irish Water by accepting the terms and conditions as set out in the offer, and by making the required payment.

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Construction phase

After you accept the offer, the quality assurance of assets to be taken in charge in the future upon connection can commence, this will be completed by inspections of the infrastructure as it is installed.

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Physical connection

Details about what works are required to make your physical connection will be outlined in your connection offer.

From securing a Road Opening Licence to completing a connection takes on average 12 weeks.

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Issue of Welcome Pack

Irish Water will issue a welcome pack to you once the physical connection has been confirmed by the developer, and when the connection works have been completed. This welcome pack will outline the procedure to follow in the event of a resale of the property.

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Connected to the Irish Water network

Once connected you can fully avail of our services.

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Start your connection application

Irish Water is responsible for water and wastewater connections to homes and businesses throughout the country. We are working in partnership with Local Authorities to make getting a water connection easier.

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