How we use, treat, and develop our water services has a huge impact on the environment we all live in.

Water conservation

Understanding the amount of water we use in our homes and making a few small changes to how we use it can save water, energy and money.

Water conservation

Why Ireland's water network needs investment

High leakage rates, varying water quality standards, and disruptions to water supply are common across Ireland's water services. Irish Water is engaged in an extensive project of water network improvement and upgrades to ensure Ireland has a water network which matches our needs.

Wetlands as wastewater treatment systems

Wetlands are important for many reasons. They provide specialist habitats for a wide range of animals and plant life, they play a vital role in the water cycle where they can control both flooding and low flow in certain areas and they can also help improve wastewater quality by filtering and removing high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater before it reaches the sea.

Wetlands and wastewater

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