Science Week

A week-long festival of events which aims to encourage students to explore the world of science

Sunday 7 - Sunday 14 November 2021

Science Week 2021 is focusing on ‘What challenges are most important to you and how can science help to solve them?’ Irish Water is delighted to be taking part in Science Week and will discuss how we are committed to improving energy efficiency and reducing our carbon emissions. Ensuring that our water and wastewater services are delivered in a sustainable manner is a top priority for us and we are already implementing energy efficient design for all projects as well as energy efficiency measures into the operation of our treatment plants where possible.

Throughout Science Week, we will be highlighting these energy efficiency projects as well as introducing some of the Irish Water  scientists who use science everyday as part of their role.

As part of our Biodiversity Action Plan we recognise the urgent need to increase and accelerate efforts to halt the decline of biodiversity. We are committed to building infrastructure that protects and, where possible, enhances our ecosystems.

As part of our plan, we aim to plant approximately 130,000 native trees at 12 locations across Ireland. This is to ensure that wildlife around our treatment facilities is not only protected, but will thrive for years to come.

Irish Water Science Week 2021 - Biodiversity

Meet the scientists from Irish Water and our Local Authority partners

Charlie Coakley - Sustainability Policy Lead

We are currently working on embedding our Sustainability Strategy and developing a roadmap for Irish Water to be net zero carbon by 2040, 10 years ahead of Ireland’s target of 2050.

Claire Cremin - Regional Wastewater Compliance Specialist

My job is to protect the environment and ensure wastewaters from our treatment plants are returned safely back to the environment.

Christina Geraghty - Wastewater Compliance Analyst

I love the fact that I am helping to protect the environment so that it will be there for future generations to enjoy.

Siobhan Sheridan - Water Compliance Analyst

The role is all about monitoring and checking for compliance, ensuring public safety and seeing how we can improve and move forward to make things better.

Martin Quigley - Operations Engineer with Cavan County Council

The science behind treating wastewater that can be discharged safely back to the nearby water courses is delicately balanced and relies almost entirely on natural processes. As an Operations Engineer, it is important that treatment plants do not become over or under loaded and the optimum conditions for these biological processes to occur are maintained.

Marie Finneran - Executive Scientist with Roscommon County Council

Working on different projects over the years and seeing schemes come off the Remedial Action List is just brilliant. Looking at the improvements that have been made to the statistics and compliance is fantastic.

Brian Deegan, Environmental and Ecological Assessment Specialist

Together with my team we’re responsible for assessing the potential environmental impacts associated with numerous Irish Water projects and activities, identifying ways to avoid or reduce these impacts.

Francis Glancy, Drinking Water Compliance Analyst

My role is about safeguarding the water supply for homes and businesses in Louth and Meath. We take raw water and put it through a complex treatment process so you can use it safely every day.

Agnieszka Wojdowska, Water and Wastewater Optimisation Specialist

Every day is different and brings a new challenge for which science is the solution.

Aphra Leavy, Water and Wastewater Optimisation Manager

Every day is different and brings a new challenge. Every treatment plant is different and there are so many water and wastewater processes involved.

Paul Cahill, Waste Water Compliance Analyst

I enjoy using science to solve problems and make improvements that benefit the environment.

Joanne McGuinness, Regional Wastewater Compliance Specialist

My role is about safeguarding our environment and overseeing the compliance of our wastewater treatment plants across the region. I have always loved nature and the great outdoors and that is where my interest in Science stems from.

Rosie Morrissey, Senior Executive Scientist

I have always loved the sea and walking, so being involved in protecting the environment and public health is very fulfilling.

Emily Mulqueen - Drinking Water Compliance Analyst

My favourite thing about working in science is that it is so broad, you can always identify new areas to learn about.