Building on the Framework towards Uisce Éireann

The publication of the Framework for Future Delivery of Water Services by the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage (June 2022) set out the next steps in the transformation of the water sector in Ireland. In line with the Water Services Bill (Amendment) (No. 2) 2022, Uisce Éireann will be known by its Irish name, Uisce Éireann, from January 2023 and will assume full responsibility for the delivery of all public water services In Ireland.

Uisce Éireann will build on the legacy of working and delivering for communities, bringing together the best of Local Authorities and Uisce Éireann’s shared heritage and commitment to the water sector. As part of a national organisation, investing in and supporting its people, Uisce Éireann offers rewarding careers for staff with opportunities for progression.

By fully integrating all public water services, we intend to deliver on our ambition of enabling communities across Ireland to develop and thrive. We will ensure high quality drinking water, cleaner beaches and receiving waters, and we will support the building of new homes and industrial development right across the country. 

Presentation for Local Authority Water Services Staff (February 2023)

The next phase in the transformation of the water sector in Ireland. Building on the Framework for the Delivery of Water Services.

Moving to one national, integrated, direct-labour publicly owned, regulated utility, Uisce Éireann, will mean:

A single national organisation planning for and managing the country’s future needs

Resilient water services with national support structures, regional centres of excellence and local delivery

Consistent standardised service across the country, irrespective of location

Varied, multidisciplinary career development opportunities

We recognise that fully implementing a fully integrated public water services sector industry will take time and capital investment to fully realise the benefits of all staff fully aligned and working in one organisation.