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Water Process Optimisation Lead - Ref No. 244AO22

Role: Water Process Optimisation Lead 

Area: Asset Operations

Location: North West, South East Midlands & East Region

Reference Number: 244AO22

Closing date for applications: 16 August 2022

The Water Process Optimisation team is responsible for the provision of water treatment process expertise in order to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained and processes are optimised to minimise costs where possible. It is also responsible for supporting the management of energy across the operation of assets to reduce the cost of energy and optimise performance.

The Water Process Optimisation Lead will report directly to the Water Process Optimisation Manager. The Water Process Optimisation Lead has a regional remit and is responsible for leading and managing the performance of a team to ensure the optimisation and improvement of treatment processes and monitoring adoption of efficient energy usage across the water treatment asset base for a region. This will include overseeing the assessment of water treatment processes to develop optimisation approaches in order to reduce cost and ensure regulatory compliance whilst safeguarding public health.