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Telemetry Design Specialist - Ref No. 198AO22

Role: Telemetry Design Specialist

Area: Asset Operations

Location: Dublin (East Region) 

Reference Number: 198AO22

Closing date for applications: 1 July 2022

The Telemetry Design Specialist, in collaboration with the Telemetry Services Lead, will be responsible for establishing and implementing the Telemetry Design team to support the on-going Capital Investment Plan and ensure that business value is realised. The Telemetry Design Specialist will be responsible for telemetry design specifications and standards, configuration, oversight, integration to the enterprise telemetry system, process development and implementation, control philosophies and commissioning sign off.

The Telemetry Design Specialist will report to the Telemetry Services Lead in Asset Operations, and will have responsibilities in relation to the National Telemetry function. The role will involve managing a small team of specialists and also directing the work of 3rd party service providers. The role will develop interfaces with Asset Management, Asset Delivery, Operations, IT and HSQE to ensure that business planning and continuous improvements are supported effectively by field experience.