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Public Affairs Manager - Ref No. 33CE23

Role: Public Affairs Manager

Area: Corporate Affairs

Location: Dublin

Reference Number: 33CE23

Closing date for applications: 14 April 2023

The Corporate Affairs area has overall responsibility for brand strategy, market research and insights, marketing, and digital marketing (websites and social media strategy), and working across teams to align corporate affairs, public relations and crisis management, project communications, stakeholder communications, sponsorships, media relations and internal communications.

The Corporate Affairs and Strategic Stakeholder Communications sub-area will oversee all Úisce Éireann project communications, strategic communications with external stakeholders and Public Affairs for Úisce Éireann . This includes Úisce Éireann 's relationship with elected representatives as well as business and industry bodies. Working closely with business areas across Úisce Éireann to ensure that our key messages, activities, and strategic objectives are being communicated externally.

The objective for the Public Affairs team is to establish a stakeholder network and build trust with regard to Úisce Éireann. The scope is focused principally around political representatives, political advisors, policy teams, and business and industry representative bodies. It does not include certain stakeholders such as Regulators and Media. Reporting to the Head of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Stakeholder Communications, the Public Affairs Manager is responsible for ensuring that Úisce Éireann engages effectively with the key stakeholder communities, building key relationships with influencers and policymakers so that Úisce Éireann 's perspective remains central to the agenda.

This role can operate from Dublin, Cork or regional offices however it will involve a large amount of time principally in Colvill House with a requirement to attend events in Dublin and Cork on a regular basis.