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Field Engineer - Ref No. 135IDUET23

Role: Field Engineer

Area: Infrastructure Delivery

Location: Nationwide

Reference Number: 135IDUET23

Closing date for applications: 21 September 2023

The Commercial Function within the Infrastructure Delivery Directorate is responsible for providing the Directorate with the expert commercial and contract management knowledge that is required to deliver the Capital Investment Plan. As the commercial center of excellence driving consistency in the commercial management of contractual arrangements, this team works to minimise risk and increase efficiency in the delivery of the CIP. They are responsible for building commercial competence and capability within the directorate, increasing and evidencing value, whilst reducing commercial, quality and supervisory risk from the way in which the portfolio is delivered. There are three core departments within the Commercial Function, namely Commercial & Contract Management, Estimation and Cost Intelligence and Construction Services.

The Construction Services team is responsible for maintaining a strategic oversight of the role of site supervision and Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) in the planning and delivery of construction activities across the directorate. This team is tasked with the management of quality and supervision resources across the delivery portfolios, with dedicated teams for the management of field and resident engineering staff, both internal and external, along with a quality team tasked with the management and investigation of quality issues across the directorate, including the supervision and audit of PSCS activities.

The Field Engineer will report to the Construction Management Regional Manager and will work to ensure the standard of work being performed by Contractors across the Infrastructure Delivery Directorate is in accordance with the required standards and specifications. The Field Engineer may be required to work across water and wastewater projects, either above or below ground, in accordance with the needs and requirements of the directorate.