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Cost Intelligence Analyst - Ref No. 133IDUET23

Role: Cost Intelligence Analyst

Area: Infrastructure Delivery

Location: Dublin, Cork & Northwest Region - Castlebar

Reference Number: 133IDUET23

Closing date for applications: 20 September 2023

The Commercial Function within the Infrastructure Delivery Directorate is responsible for providing the Directorate with the expert commercial and contract management knowledge that is required to deliver the Capital Investment Plan. As the commercial center of excellence driving consistency in the commercial management of contractual arrangements, this team works to minimise risk and increase efficiency in the delivery of the CIP. They are responsible for building commercial competence and capability within the directorate, increasing and evidencing value, whilst reducing commercial, quality and supervisory risk from the way in which the portfolio is delivered. There are three core departments within the Commercial Function, namely Commercial & Contract Management, Estimation and Cost Intelligence and Construction Services.

The Estimation and Cost Intelligence Team are responsible for enhancing the understanding of our costs and being able to predict when and why cost changes occur, and what actions may be taken to mitigate these, if any. This team will be responsible for the provision of estimates as required throughout the project life cycle and for maintaining the systems that underpin the production of these estimates. This team will have a range of interfaces within the IDD function, and beyond, working closely with Asset Management, Finance and Regulation to ensure that accurate and reliable forecasts are prepared to underpin investment plans and revenue control periods.

In addition, this team will be required to keep estimating methodologies under constant review to ensure that the most appropriate and robust processes are incorporated into our estimating practices to provide confidence and credibility to project estimates.