Irish Water will be going out to market for the following operations categories throughout 2016/17:

  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Sludge & waste
  • Chemicals
  • CCTV & jetting
  • Lab services
  • Pipes & fittings
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Road surface furniture
  • Aggregates

How to apply to get on to a Framework

The process below details the steps a supplier needs to follow if they wish to become a Framework supplier to Irish Water.

Relevant CPV Codes

The frameworks listed above will be advertised on e-tenders using the corresponding CPV code.

NameCPV Codes
Repairs & maintenance 50000000
Sludge & waste 90513600
Chemicals 24962000
CCTV & jetting 90470000
Lab services 71900000-7
Pipes & fittings 44160000
Pumps 42122000-0
Valves 42130000
Road surface furniture 44423740
Aggregates 14210000-6

Next Steps

Irish Water will issue an OJEU notice to notify suppliers of upcoming competitions. You will be able to view this after you have registered with E-tenders.

If you have any queries in relation to becoming a framework supplier, please direct these to

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