The Asset Management function is fundamental to determining the capital and planned operational interventions in the Irish Water asset base to deliver a quality water and wastewater service to our customers, that minimise the impact on the environment and are optimised based on whole life costs. The Asset Management function develops and delivers, in collaboration with other departments, the Irish Water asset management strategy. It is responsible for managing asset-related activities including asset strategy, asset planning, asset investments, connections and developer services, asset intelligence, standards, innovation & technology, environmental strategy and strategic direction.

The Asset Strategy functional area is responsible for the definition and development of long-term (up to 25-year) water and wastewater strategies to guide investment planning, including developing and maintaining asset standards and championing research and innovation across the organisation.

The Research & Innovation team sits within Asset Strategy and is tasked within providing leadership and direction on all aspects of Research & Innovation including the development and implementation of the Research & Innovation policy and strategy. The team is responsible for delivering a focused Research & Innovation programme, enabling the acceleration of adoption of new technologies and developing a cross organisational culture to enable fresh thinking and new ideas to be developed and implemented, all of which benefit the customer. They are responsible for working in partnership with third parties to secure funding routes to enhance innovation opportunities, managing and supporting pilot projects and studies to assess the potential benefit of new technology/processes.

The Innovation and Technology Officer will report directly to the Innovation and Technology Specialist and will be responsible for supporting the identification and verification of emerging technologies and cost effective solutions for both water and wastewater challenges. The role will support relevant Research & Innovation activities (e.g. support regulatory compliance and Irish Water’s sustainability and whole life cost requirements).

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