The Engineering Services team provides strategic support to the Asset Delivery portfolios across a range of activities including land & wayleaves, statutory consents, liaison with utilities, agencies & other third party stakeholders, project records and design and value engineering services.

The Land, Planning & Wayleaves team is responsible for the delivery of a strategy and policies to support the portfolio in the acquisition of land, wayleaves and provision of various statutory consents, as well as liaising with utilities and other agencies. The Agency & Utility Liaison Specialist will report directly to the Land, Planning & Wayleaves Lead.

The realisation of the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) is part of our continuing commitment to deliver quality services and infrastructure while safeguarding Ireland’s environment and delivering on our obligations. The Agency & Utility Liaison Specialist will contribute to a standardised approach across the portfolio through the application of standardised policies and procedures to support the project & programme. The Agency & Utility Liaison Specialist will need to work in a creative and collaborative team environment to support the delivery of the CIP.

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