Doldrum Bay Sewerage Scheme

Wastewater Project

Irish Water is progressing plans as part of a project to end the discharge of raw sewage to Doldrum Bay.

Irish Water, working with Fingal County Council, is progressing with plans to upgrade the wastewater infrastructure in Doldrum Bay, Howth. Approximately 45 properties are currently connected to the Doldrum Bay outfall by a 1.7km foul sewer network. Much of this wastewater effluent is currently untreated.

The practice of discharging untreated wastewater is unacceptable and Irish Water intends to rectify this problem. This project will ensure that there is adequate treatment of wastewater, for now and into the future, as well as protecting human health and safeguarding the environment.

The building, repair and upgrading of Irish Water’s water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, water and sewer network will require a multi-billion-euro investment programme over many years. Irish Water is committed to improving wastewater treatment and capacity across the country.


What are the benefits of this project?

When complete, this project will:

  • Improve water quality in the receiving waters
  • Benefit local communities, swimmers, surfers and tourism
  • Safeguard human and environmental health
  • Protect our marine life
  • Ensure compliance with European regulatory standards

What is happening now?

Site Investigation and flow surveys have been taking place in recent months. Irish Water are finalising the necessary studies to evaluate the options to end the historic discharge of wastewater from the properties in Howth to the sea. Irish Water is finalising the details of the preferred option to achieve this which involves intercepting the existing flows from Doldrum Bay, via new sewers and two new pumping stations, into the existing sewer network in Howth and ultimately onwards to the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The proposed works will require planning permission and Irish Water is currently preparing the application and progressing through the detailed design phase.

For more information on the improvements Irish Water is making to water and wastewater services across Ireland, please visit our Projects and Plans page, or contact us on 1800 278 278.