Kinvara Sewerage Scheme Network

Wastewater Project

This €5.1 million project was essential in meeting the current and future needs of the many homes and businesses in Kinvara and the town’s thriving tourist industry. 

It involved the building of a new wastewater treatment plant and upgrades to the Kinvara wastewater collection network. Kinvara was one of 44 locations in Ireland where untreated wastewater was discharged directly into the sea and the opening of this new plant has put an end to this harmful practice.

These works have improved the water quality at bathing waters in Kinvara Bay. This includes the ability of the plant to cater for population and economic growth in the area while allowing for increased tourist numbers during peak season.

€5.1 million


  • New plant marked the end of the harmful practice of discharging untreated wastewater to the sea
  • Improve bathing water quality
  • Allow for increase in tourist numbers
  • Provides capacity for industrial and commercial development
  • Effective discharge of treated effluent due to the installation of the new marine outfall pipe
  • Increased capacity of the drainage network in the town


  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant
  • Upgrades to the Kinvara wastewater collection network