Newport Sewerage Scheme

Sewerage Scheme

Irish Water is working to end the unacceptable practice of discharging untreated wastewater in Mayo.

Irish Water is committed to ending the unacceptable practice of discharging raw sewage in Ireland by constructing wastewater treatment plants and network infrastructure. We are working to ensure that wastewater is adequately treated and meets appropriate standards before being safely discharged into the marine environment.

Water Quality


  • End the discharge of raw sewage
  • Cleaner water enhances amenity
  • Improve water quality for our marine life, angling and water sports

Planning Details

In Mayo, Irish Water has built new wastewater infrastructure in Belmullet and Kilala to provide appropriate treatment for over 7,000 people. We are also progressing plans for a new wastewater treatment plant in Newport to address the remaining raw sewage being discharged across the county.

The building, repair and upgrading of Irish Water's water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, water and sewer network will require a multi-billion euro investment programme over many years. Irish Water is committed to improving wastewater treatment and capacity across the country.

More information

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