Kilcar Sewerage Scheme

Wastewater Project

Irish Water, in partnership with Donegal County Council, has commenced construction on the new wastewater treatment plant and associated infrastructurefor Kilcar. The completed project will ensure all wastewater is treated appropriately.

The existing pumping station will be upgraded and will transfer wastewater to the new wastewater treatment plant for appropriate treatment. The new treatment plant will serve a population equivalent of 1,800 PE. These works are being delivered by Veolia on behalf of Irish Water and will be completed by early 2023.

The Kilcar Sewerage Scheme will ensure the treatment of wastewater is fully compliant with EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directives and Wastewater Discharge Licensing Emission Limit Values and will eliminate the discharge of raw sewage into Tawny Bay.

In Progress


  • Improve water quality and integrity of the local marine environment, benefitting fishing and other water sports.
  • Increase the capacity of the current pumping station and allow for population growth.
  • Enhance Kilcar’s amenity value due to a cleaner environment, and thus act as a platform for social and economic development.
  • Ensure that wastewater will be treated in accordance with EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directives and Environmental Protection Agency wastewater discharge licensing. 


  • Constructing a new wastewater treatment plant which will serve a population equivalent of approximately 1,800;
  • Upgrading of existing pumping station to transfer flows to a proposed new wastewater treatment plant; and
  • Connecting to the existing outfall pipe to safely discharge treated wastewater to the marine environment.

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